Wellbeing & the 5 senses

ELISABETTA FRANZOSO explains the connection between wellbeing and your five senses, the third focus of the Wellness Inventory Wheel


Your five senses give you the ability to touch, taste, smell, hear and see. These marvellous instruments are the portals to your inner pharmacy and promote the release of natural chemicals to improve your immunity, relieve anxiety, combat depression, normalise digestive function and manage pain.


Reality Check “What’s that smell? Do you hear that noise? Taste this! Look at me! Feel this, isn’t it soft?” We use these phrases without thinking. But we’re only able to enjoy such sensations because of our senses.

          A vast amount of vital energy is received from our environment and channelled into our being, by the five physical senses. Your ability to work, experience pleasure, communicate with others and even impact the world, is related to your efficient use of such sensory energy.

Insight We’re constantly surrounded by chemical pollutants and loud sounds, consume unhealthy foods in large quantities and overexpose ourselves to sunlight. Without being aware, we abuse our senses with overstimulation.

          We can also withdraw from sensory stimulation. Fear and anxiety can cause us to “freeze up” when being touched. In today’s fast-paced society, a lack of sufficient touch is proving to have far-reaching adverse effects on our emotional development, relationships and health.

Result Sadly, evidence shows many of us have “lost touch with our senses”.

Moving Forward You can only get to know and truly enjoy life through your five senses. Start rediscovering your senses today, become skilled in caring for them and use them creatively!


Q. How can I keep my senses in top condition?

A. Educate yourself. Find ways to appreciate and use your senses creatively. Try your best not to abuse or neglect them.


Q. How can I stimulate my five senses healthily?
A. Balance your senses through both inner and outer experiences using nourishing sounds, sensations, images, tastes and smells. Through this, your inner pharmacy will awaken, keeping you balanced, healthy and happy. Pay attention to your environment. Nourish your body and mind through the exploration of new domains and feed your senses with interesting and inspiring impulses. Observe your environment with fresh eyes. And don’t take your world for granted!


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Posted by Elisabetta Wed, 24 Feb 2010 04:49:00 GMT