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When I was a lad in junior school, 30 something years ago, it was obligatory for all students to sing in the school choir on speech night. For me it was not so tough, I had an ear for music, but for many the whole experience was their worst nightmare. Having to don the choral attire, stand to attention and look as though they were singing was definitely a challenge. We all experience such tests in life, whether in the workplace, perhaps on the home front or in other areas of our lives, but what seems to count most of all is the way in which we deal with what is served up to us and how we can learn from our mistakes to overcome adversity.
When it comes to rating the intensity of a challenge, families often take the cake! I’m constantly challenging my dear old mum – at the ripe old age of 89 – to keep active and interested in others, and to maintain a sense of self worth, which in itself can be a trial for the aged. I’m delighted to say, she never fails me. I still look up to her with pride as I did when I was young, although I must admit she can be a handful at times, (doubtless she thinks the same of me!). There’s nothing quite like the love and commitment of a mother – no matter what your age and whether or not you’re a parent yourself. So here’s to you Mum!
From a physical perspective, I for one thrive on a challenge. Last week a group of Singapore citizens from all walks of life, including yours truly, visited Davao in the Philippines to hike Mt Apo over three days to raise awareness for individuals affected by the practice of human trafficking. We spent time on the ground meeting key members of the VISAYAN Forum Foundation in Davao to understand the process involved in intercepting and ultimately preventing human trafficking. The test was to summon the stamina and the endurance to scale Mt Apo’s peak. But more importantly the ultimate challenge is building awareness across the region for the plight of these individuals. If you would like to know a little more visit The Chain Reaction Project for developments and updates.JOhn Gordon Managing Editor The Finder at the base of Mt Apo after a three day hike with The Chain Reaction Project (At the Base of Mt Apo Davao Philippines after a three day hike with The Chain Reaction Project)
The biggest challenge for The Finder this month was to pack all the essential information we have gathered into 116 pages. Meet France 24’s correspondent Carrie Nooten as she talks with Assistant Editor Jassmin Peter about juggling a career and motherhood, while Wine & Dine offers mouth-watering menus for Mother’s Day and some fresh flavours to consider when organising a dinner date or social get together. Planning a short break or a family vacation? Look no further! We traverse the region in Going Places to deliver weekend retreat ideas, short-break regional destination packages and introduce you to The Quincy, a staycation option right here in Singapore voted number one trendiest hotel in Asia 2012 by
To help you achieve your goals stress-free, we introduce you to the benefits of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Hypnotherapy in this month’s Business Profile. And check out Singapore Secrets for an enlightening roundup of popular aesthetic medical procedures. As you can clearly see we have an action-packed May issue for you to discover. Enjoy!
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  1. Megan about 18 hours later:

    Good one John. You and your mum must have a great relationship. Also TCRP sounds engaging.

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